Macron en route to new policy on Islam?

Macron is much more successful in masquerading reality of his politics behind cosmopolitan, seemingly liberal face. It will be important to keep a close look at his proposals regarding the ‘restructuring of Islam’, which Macron promised to present within the next six months. Read full op-ed here.

I just had a debate at @Ali_Mustafa’s ‘Strait Talk’ from TRT World on the rise of the far right in Germany. Watch here

A story of racism and anti-racism in Austria

Vienna’s “New Year’s Baby” made it to the international edition of the New York Times, something that doesn’t happen every year. The reason, far from festive, was the wave of hatred sweeping Austrian online media after a picture showing a young Muslim family celebrating the birth of their newborn daughter, Asel, was published in Austria’s tabloid newspaper Today, an annual tradition. Read my analysis on TRT World.